5 Apps to Improve Your Event

EventAppCroppedIn the age of new technology, attending an event is more than just putting on a nametag. Today it means taking pictures, sharing your thoughts on the Internet, and connecting with other guests online. Everyone has a smartphone these days, and apps are a great way to connect your attendees, and keep your event organized and running smoothly.

DoubleDutch is great for large conferences because it allows attendees to connect and network with each other. As one of the most social event apps, DoubleDutch allows users to see the event schedule, post pictures and comments on sessions, answer polls about their favourite activities, and communicate with other guests. Conference organizers can customize the app to include specific features that best fit with their event. Plus, they can collect the usage data and comments, to get a better feel of what attendees really thought about their event.

SpotMe is made for large and small events, and sets itself apart with its data collecting capabilities. Groups can use the app during round-table or brainstorming sessions to submit their ideas, and event organizers will receive feedback and sortable information to enhance guest collaboration. The personalized schedule also allows users to get specific information about each event, such as what table or breakout session they are assigned to.

Capsule leans more to the social side of connecting event attendees through their thoughts and images. Made especially for weddings, this free app is good for a great many types of events. Invite your guests to your “capsule” and their pictures will appear in the same place for everyone to see, before posting to their social networks, and creating an album for the event organizers.

Guest List Organizer allows event organizers to import contacts from Facebook, and address books, to create a master-list that is shareable between all Apple devices. Sort guests by RSVP, attendee type, and more. When the event is done, export a customized PDF with attendance information to keep all of your guest data in one place.

NoodleLive allows you to import guest information from their social networks, to make connecting attendees easier than ever. Live polling during sessions can add a personal touch to a presentation, and help event organizers keep tabs on their guests. Plus, presenters can upload handouts and slides to the app, so attendees have it at their fingertips without needing an envelope full of paper.

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